Serving the North Shore and greater Boston, Massachusetts

Specializing in custom residential organization and residential moves/relocation


Doris Hasbun is the owner of Doris Hasbun, LLC. Her work experience includes managing a wide variety of activities ranging from small residential remodeling projects to large residential housing developments (300+ units), enabling her to understand the optimal use of space, manage diverse and dispersed teams and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Education and Credentials

‣Civil Engineer from UNAH of Honduras ‣MBA from Babson Graduate School of Business (Ranked the #1 graduate school for entrepreneurship for 19 years straight) ‣ Fulbright Scholar ‣ Dedicated to continuing education related to Professional Organizing and Green Living ‣ Self-motivated, energetic and enthusiastic ‣ Fluent in English and Spanish ‣ Insured ‣ Active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) at both the regional level ( and the national level ( Former Board member of NAPO – New England ‣ NAPO Trainer Provider for Quantum Leap and NAPO in the Schools.

Organizing Tips

  • Children’s Creative Works in Progress

    Children are so creative and their minds are always thinking of ways to mix and match and build as they play, work on crafts and projects. When they are very inspired, It may take them several hours to work on their creation of the day and are so disappointed when we ask them to disassemble […]

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    Conquering Procrastination

    How do we deal with the never ending TO DO list and the nightmare of having to complete a challenging task or project? The key to getting started is creating and maintaining a list of all the Tasks that you need to complete, sorted by related Category and Priority.  Examples of Categories would be in […]

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  • Garage in Order

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your garage to park your car? The first thing you need to do when organizing a garage is to clearly define the intention of the space.  If the space is shared by several members of the family, you need to decide together how you wish to […]

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    Combining Households

    Combining two households may seem an overwhelming task.  However, taking the time to plan and review in detail each household prior to moving together, will make the transition more efficient and less stressful. Most importantly, making the commitment to respect each other during the process, to value and include contributions from each household and work […]

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  • Maximize Your Time

    In this modern age of digital technology, in particular with the use of modern mobile phones, people are overloaded at all times with so much information and so many choices that it is overwhelming to keep focus on what their Life is really about. Maximizing Your Time is about being “selective” of the opportunities around […]

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    New Year’s Resolutions

    The New Year brings the aura and enthusiasm of a fresh beginning in our lives!  It is the ideal time for reflection about our life goals and how we wish to live over the next 12 months. As my 7 year old daughter puts it, what are your New Year’s “Revolutions”? Exactly! What big changes […]

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  • Organized Bathroom

    The bathroom is typically one of the smallest spaces in a home that is used very frequently.  Therefore, it is important to store only the essential items used in this space to create a feeling of ampleness. A medicine cabinet with a mirror is ideal for holding jars and creams, organized by related categories.  If […]

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    Moving into a New Home

    Moving into a new home is a time consuming experience that can be overwhelming for most of us. In order to guarantee a smooth transition, it is important to plan and map out every step of the process, outlining the roles and responsibilities of all the parties involved, including realtors, space planners, packers, movers, interior […]

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  • Reusable Shopping Bags

    Save the environment by shopping for all your errands (not just groceries) with sturdy reusable bags made out of natural fibers or 100% recyclable material, available in many shapes, sizes and features (e.g., insulated). When you shop with your own bags, many stores give you cash back. The following 4 steps helps you get started: 1. […]

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    NAPO Conference, Baltimore 2012

    Part of what makes a good professional is continuing education. Therefore, every year I carve out time in my calendar to attend the NAPO Annual Conference and Organizing Exposition. The 2012 Conference took place in Baltimore, Maryland, from March 21 – 24, 2012. It was a wonderful opportunity to continue to: -Build my professional education […]

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