NAPO Conference, Baltimore 2012

NAPO 2012

Part of what makes a good professional is continuing education. Therefore, every year I carve out time in my calendar to attend the NAPO Annual Conference and Organizing Exposition.

The 2012 Conference took place in Baltimore, Maryland, from March 21 – 24, 2012. It was a wonderful opportunity to continue to:

  1. -Build my professional education about the organizing and productivity industry, with a wide variety of professional organizing and cutting-edge topics

  2. -The great experience to network with more than 800 colleagues from the US, Canada, Latin America, and other countries,

  3. -The excitement to learn about the products and services available to service my clients from the exhibitors at the organizing exposition.

The knowledge acquired will help me enhance the lives of my clients by:

  1. -Designing efficient systems and processes for them

  2. -Transferring the skills that will help them be and stay more organized and productive

  3. Educating them about the most appropriate organizing solutions to fit their current needs.

The NAPO New England Chapter was well represented at the NAPO 2012 Annual Conference in Baltimore, including: Leslie Huikko, Wendy Buglio, Wendy Kaiser, Elizabeth Goodsell, Wendy Arundel, Elesheva Soloff, Heidi Solomon, Doris Hasbun, Debbie Fenn, Sandy Rhee and Maryann Murphy.