Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Bags

Save the environment by shopping for all your errands (not just groceries) with sturdy reusable bags made out of natural fibers or 100% recyclable material, available in many shapes, sizes and features (e.g., insulated). When you shop with your own bags, many stores give you cash back. The following 4 steps helps you get started:

1. Create a set of at least 5 bags and bundle them together. See example at

2. Consider owning 2 sets of bags so you can rotate them between your car and your mudroom as you use them.

3. Designate a specific, visible place to store each set inside your car and in your mudroom, sot they are always when you need to run an errand.

4. Keep a collapsable bag in your handbag and/or briefcase, so that it is available and handy when you decide to make an impulse purchase on the go.

You may consider carrying your reusable shopping bags in a portable container such as the one illustrated, from “the tote buddy”.