Moving into a New Home

New Home

Moving into a new home is a time consuming experience that can be overwhelming for most of us. In order to guarantee a smooth transition, it is important to plan and map out every step of the process, outlining the roles and responsibilities of all the parties involved, including realtors, space planners, packers, movers, interior designers, contractors, professional cleaners, professional organizers.

Whether you are doing the move yourself or hiring professionals, it is very important to realize that the moving process takes time to get finally settled. Therefore, keep in mind prioritizing the packing and unpacking process to allow you to live in the new space for the first few days, thus giving yourself time to deal with the rest of the house as your schedule allows:

– Personal Belongings for a week: pack a suitcase for each family member (clothing, toiletries, medications, work/school items)

– Bathrooms essentials: toilet paper, towels, shower curtain, soap

– Bedroom essentials: make each bed (pillows, sheets, blankets)Kitchen essentials: basic dining (dishes, flatware, pots/pans, utensils, oven proof container, kitchen towels)

Moving into a new home is a time consuming process that requires adequate planning, scheduling and coordination of all parties involved.