Organized Bathroom


The bathroom is typically one of the smallest spaces in a home that is used very frequently.  Therefore, it is important to store only the essential items used in this space to create a feeling of ampleness.

A medicine cabinet with a mirror is ideal for holding jars and creams, organized by related categories.  If there is a vanity, with drawers, use drawer dividers or sorting trays to prevent the contents from getting mixed up. Use larger containers to hold items under the sink, such as a hair dryer. If there are multiple users, assign shelves and drawers. Consider using a tower to store larger items such as towels, toilet paper and spare toiletries.

It is advisable to periodically review the toiletries used in the bathroom, at least twice a year.  If you haven’t used an item in 6 months, discard appropriately.  Consider placing a circle sticker under each item with the date that you opened it.  Cosmetic products and make-up do expire and while the expiration date is not necessarily printed, it is advisable to discard them after 6 months of use.

To organize the shower/tub area, install a non corrosive, tempered-glass shelf on the wall opposite the shower head.  The shelf can hold all shower/bath toiletries currently in use, while keeping them dry, accessible and clean.