Maximize Your Time


In this modern age of digital technology, in particular with the use of modern mobile phones, people are overloaded at all times with so much information and so many choices that it is overwhelming to keep focus on what their Life is really about.

Maximizing Your Time is about being “selective” of the opportunities around you so that you spend your time doing what is essential to You without feeling overwhelmed.

It is important to begin with a thorough reflection about Your Life Goals and simplifying your focus to a few goals per year.  Some Goal categories include: Work/Financial Goals , Knowledge (Career, Education), Personal Goals (Health, Spiritual, Emotional), Family, Friendship. Once these goals are set, you can then begin to think about how you are going to spend your time throughout the year with monthly, weekly and daily activities that ultimately aim at reaching those goals.

It is also important to set boundaries to your schedule so that you have enough time to rest and enjoy Life. A helpful tool to get started is to create a visual, realistic Weekly Schedule:

  1. List and Map out the important tasks that you really need to accomplish;

  2. Set Realistic Expectations of the time it will take you to accomplish those tasks, from start to finish (including setup time, thinking time, travel time), to allow enough room in your schedule; try timing recurring activities to get an accurate estimate;

  3. Group Similar Activities together during each day, such as read emails, search the web, make phone calls, do errands;

  4. Delegate less important tasks or work on them as a team to diminish the amount of time required;

  5. Avoid overcommitting Yourself;

  6. Reserve time for Yourself;

  7. Reserve quality time with family and friends;

  8. Develop good habits; prepare for the next day the night before, so that everything you need is ready and you don’t need to stress out in the morning;

  9. Address Procrastination by figuring out the root of the avoidance of those tasks. Get started with tedious tasks by breaking them down into manageable parts; motivate yourself to do boring tasks by incorporating fun (like playing your favorite music); reward yourself when you reach set milestones;

  10. Review your progress at the end of the week to continuously improve the process.

The Key to Maximizing your Time is to figure out how long is Your average day (from the time you wake up until you go to sleep) and how long it takes YOU to do everyday tasks, from start to finish.  Time Yourself and incorporate realistic times in your schedule.