Combining Households


Combining two households may seem an overwhelming task.  However, taking the time to plan and review in detail each household prior to moving together, will make the transition more efficient and less stressful. Most importantly, making the commitment to respect each other during the process, to value and include contributions from each household and work towards making the new home a place where both will feel good and comfortable.

Initially, both households should discard all unwanted and unnecessary items. Work together to create a spreadsheet with a thorough list of all possessions (furniture, decor and housewares), using colors and columns to sort and prioritize must haves, give aways, items for sale, donations & discards. Using a a floor plan of your new home with accurate measurements of spaces and door openings will assist to decide what will fit best.

The sorting process may take a few iterations.  If you get stuck, consider bringing in a friend to opine or hire the assistance of an interior designer.

Combining households requires thorough planning to make the transition smooth and efficient.