Garage in Order

Garage Tools

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your garage to park your car? The first thing you need to do when organizing a garage is to clearly define the intention of the space.  If the space is shared by several members of the family, you need to decide together how you wish to use the space, such as to park cars, as a workshop, to store outdoor equipment (sports, camping, yard/garden, auto) and/or seasonal holiday items.

The next step is to review and sort what you currently have in the garage and decide if you really need the items for the intended use of space (is it current, does it work, have you outgrown it) and eliminate all the items that you really don’t need anymore or don’t belong in the garage. Then, you may assign a zone in the the garage for specific activities and for storage of the items you decided to keep, grouped by related category, and by seasonal use.

You need to remember that garages are typically not climate controlled and tend to be damp, which provide a nice home for insects (like spiders and ants) and possibly rodents during winter. Therefore, it is important to keep storage items off the floor and rotate to be more accessible by season, using hook rails to hang items from the walls and ceiling, and shelves on brackets to hold clear air-tight containers with large visible labels.

An efficiently organized garage will allow you to use the garage to park your car while being able to find stored items when you need them, by grouping related items together, such as garden tools.  Check out