Conquering Procrastination

Do it!

How do we deal with the never ending TO DO list and the nightmare of having to complete a challenging task or project?

The key to getting started is creating and maintaining a list of all the Tasks that you need to complete, sorted by related Category and Priority.  Examples of Categories would be in related areas such as: Work, Home, Family, Personal.  Priority is assigned based on when each task is due and must be done, versus the tasks that you would like to do but are not essential to your daily life. Color coding may assist to visually highlight the most important tasks.  Crossing out the completed tasks will give you a sense of relief that your to do list is moving along.

Challenging Tasks or Projects may be tackled by breaking them into manageable parts.

Begin by brainstorming an outline or diagram of the intended process, step by step, with the final step being a satisfying reward for getting the job done.

Step 1: Schedule a 30 min slot  in your planner to initiate the task and quantify how much progress you accomplish during that time

– Next Steps: schedule additional sessions as needed to complete the task, allowing for healthy breaks in between.

Final Step: Once the Task is completed to your satisfaction, Celebrate! Reflect on your effort and treat yourself to the Joy of getting the job done!

It may seem that the most difficult part of starting a challenging task or project is the fear of getting started. Try associating the first step with brainstorming a plan that doesn’t have to be perfect.  Once you start thinking and writing about it, you may find the inspiration you need to follow through.