Children’s Creative Works in Progress


Children are so creative and their minds are always thinking of ways to mix and match and build as they play, work on crafts and projects. When they are very inspired, It may take them several hours to work on their creation of the day and are so disappointed when we ask them to disassemble it because we want to keep their playroom decluttered and in order.

The ideal solution to keep everybody happy is to have a few large empty trays for children to use to hold their creations so that they are able to move and store them, and continue work on and/or enjoy them over a few days. Another advantage of using trays for works in progress is to be able to store them in a safe place, away from younger siblings who might otherwise accidentally destroy them, while keeping floors and surfaces free of clutter. Trays are also useful to display collections of natural treasures found in the garden, forest or beach.

In addition to trays, it is always important to have sufficient and adequate containers to hold and store related items by category. The containers should be easy for the children to move around.  It is best to place smaller items in separate containers from larger items so that they don’t get lost mixed with larger items.  Each container may be labeled with the category of its contents by using words and drawings (i.e., balls, dolls, crayons) so that the children may store and return the items to its container after use.

One resource that I love to look at for inspirational containers is  They have a wide selection of baskets and bins in creative textures, colors and sizes.