The Client: “The room looked like it had a rug completely covered with toys dispersed everywhere, no beginning nor end.  Looking at the playroom made me feel depressed, sad and lazy to see so many toys all over the place, some in good shape, others torn, some new, others old, some that got used, others obsolete. It gave me no motivation nor a clue of where or how to begin.  It was a tormenting disorder that wouldn’t allow me to think; made me feel like throwing everything to the trash. I wished to transform this room into a play/study room with a work table and a computer.”


The Client: “The view of the room seemed unreal! The work table was in its place, with clear space on the countertop to place the computer and spread out notebooks.  The printer had a separate place, with all its accessories and clear storage.  It gave me such joy to get rid of the unused toys and donate them so that poor children can enjoy them.  I really liked that the room looks clean, organized, spacious and enjoyable, and especially the double feature as a Play/Study room.  The best thing is that now my children have an organization system that they learned, where each toy has a home and is grouped with similar items, with clear labels for them to return each toy back where it belongs.

My children were included as part of the process and they appreciate the work done to house their toys, so they can see them, use them and play with.”

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