Custom Solutions that Last!


The consultation process allows us to establish rapport and allows us to clearly understand the request/need to create an action plan with a satisfactory solution for you. 

1) INITIAL PHONE CONSULTATION: We will have a 30-minute phone call to learn about each other and the scope of the project.  This is also a good chance for us to discuss any initial questions or concerns you may have.


2) ON-SITE ASSESSMENT: We will meet for 1 hour to walk through the space(s) to be organized and really get into the details of how you and other people use the space on a daily basis. This will cover your needs, limitations, habits and living patterns. We will also review your goals and budget for the project, and what we should be aware of as we design the systems to help you keep the space organized going forward. All of this information will be used to design systems to help you stay organized.


3) PROPOSAL & ACTION PLAN: Based on what we discuss at our on-site meeting, we will review what resources would be required to meet your goals and priorities. We will also work together to create a schedule to work on the project that fits your needs.

4) HANDS ON ORGANIZING: Most clients find that they are much more likely to get the project done and do it well when they have us work with them to implement the action plan. The hands on work with us requires a minimum of 3-hours per session.  With that said, based on your time, energy and budget you can choose to utilize us as much or as little as you like to implement the action plan.

If you would like us to work with you, you should plan on being present during the sorting and purging stages of the project so that you can make decisions about what must stay in the primary space, what can be put in storage, and what can be donated, recycled, given away or discarded.  Once those decisions have been made you do not need to be present full-time but may be called on for your input and approval to ensure the project is unfolding to your satisfaction.